Parcel Services in Doha Qatar

Parcel Services

Today, it is common for people to have family, friends, relatives or business partners who live in different location around the world. And there are several methods to keep in touch with people all over the world, such as whatsapp, live video chat, instant messaging, or sending e-mails.

But if you need to send a Christmas present or gifts to your aunt who lives overseas, for example, you can use an international parcel delivery service from TPC Doha.

Same Day Parcel service - Appropriate for shipping documents or small item parcels, usually on the back of a motorbike, which permits us to be delivered faster than a van or any other vehicle would do, but this ensures limit the parcel size. They are also handy for transporting small items of high priority valuables. The downside is they can be relatively expensive, mostly over extended distances.

Local Postal service – We frequently offer a wide range of shipping selections from transport a normal letter to sending packets or parcels. Shipping options include Economy, Priority Class and Pro Premium. TPC Doha we are one of the cheapest ways of sending a parcel but offer partial parcel tracking options, we request our customers to carry the parcel to our office located in Doha Qatar.

Next Day Parcel courier - These are one of the best frequently used methods of carrying parcels the World over due to the service we offer. You book a pickup request and we then come and pickup your parcel from your residence in a pre-arranged time slot. We then dispatch your parcel the very next day to your destination locally. We also provide complete online tracking services so you can see accurately where your parcel or goods are at any time a unique Tracking ID say for example DOH1000XXX. Our costing less than the regional post office for greater weight parcels that need a next day delivery.

We frequently operate a nationwide overnight service, yet are also one of the most corporate methods used to ship parcels to other countries or other continents.



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